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008 Plugging VO into Unity

Updated: Jan 18, 2019

Saturday 12th Jan, 2019


I have a bit of free time so hit the office to try and make up for some downtime yesterday. Going to focus on cutting up more sound bites and audio engineering.


Finished editing and cutting all the sounds for our female child character (yes that’s right, I’ve been pretending to be a tiny little girl) ready to be plugged in game and balanced. I wasn't convinced it was going to be suitable yesterday and still feel that way now, but it's good to get things plugged in as placeholder at least.

Plugging in various sounds for this little munchkin


Got all the sounds in game now, but I’m actually not happy with them at all as suspected. They’ll serve as placeholder for now but a new task for the backlog now is finding voice over talent to provide more suitable assets. Logging off for the day!

Adios amigos!

Signed by my face

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