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121 The Actual…ACTUAL...Final Submission Day

Thursday 13th June 2019


Another late start, feeling pretty exhausted. The Final build from yesterday is ready to test, so here’s hoping it’s all good!


Well, typically, I found a few more issues that I wasn’t happy to release with. I am so done with this now lol, but I’ve fixed them up and deployed the final (FINAL – PLEASE GOD BE THE FINAL) build now. Once that’s finished deploying I will run another “FINAL” (I feel like Dr Evil with his “LASER” quotation marks) smoke test before submitting to certification.

Time to pickup my daughter.


After a break and some dinner, Ant has popped over to give the game one last test, with me and my girls too. Fingers crossed this is it!


Well, I’m glad to say the build was signed off and has now been submitted for final certification! YIKES!

The greatest celebration dance of all time

Now, time to rest….and hope for the best.....

Adios amigos!

Signed by my...oops I forgot to take a picture!





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