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119 Final Certification Submission….pt 2

Tuesday 11th June 2019


OK, I’m in the office and firstly finishing off my blog entry for yesterday. Now onto checking the final build over and catching any last minute issues (critical or massively obvious bugs only!)


Checked out Ant’s fixes to one of our maps and made a few more that I’d spotted in that same map. Stopping briefly for some breakfast and the school run.


Back and ready to get this shit DONE


Well I wasn’t really happy with the amount of bugs I was finding, so I’ve been in full QA mode and have been through a couple of levels writing up quite long list of bugs. I’ve fixed them all in one level, and I’m about 40% through fixing the bugs in the 2nd level.

Stopping for some lunch.


Back to it


Still on map 2, about 65% through fixing things now.

School run




Ok, map 2 fixes are done and I’ve solved another more universal issue which was a critical one (I need to double check all other maps are setup to deal with this potential bug though, which is a wider task, but the system / code to do so has been done). Moving onto fixing up issues found in other maps by Ant now.

But stopping for dinner first.


Back on it.


Man this shit never ends……taking a break, I’m hoping I have enough juice in me to come back tonight

8:30am (12th June)

Yes….that time is correct. I am however officially done with the game. I’ve said that before though…..

It’s now publishing to the store backend. One final smoke test to ensure it is running OK and then it will be getting submitted for final certification.

Time. To. Sleep. And maybe take a couple of days off….

Adios amigos!

Signed by my face





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