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118 Final Certification Submission

Monday 10th June 2019


This is kind of a weird blog entry…because technically I started working on and off from about 3pm yesterday (Sunday) and then pretty solidly from around 8pm….and er, yeah, I haven’t been to sleep since.

I stopped to have a shower this morning and do the school run, and now I’m back in the office….trying to human.

The game. Is. FINISHED. Finito. Done. Dadda. Asta la Vista.

So now I just (HA, oh hai JUST) need to wrap up the package and ensure everything backend / store wise is hunky dory, and awwwwwAAAAaaay we go!


OK….I have to wait for the package to publish to our development sandboxes first, which will take a little while. Once I’ve given those one final sanity pass, I can hit the button. The Final Certification button! And after that……I think I might actually unwrap Red Dead Redemption 2, which has been waiting for me since Christmas.

I may or may not return today.


I fell asleep on the sofa after eating some breakfast. Got some email notifications that the build has been deployed now so going to check that out quickly before the school run.


Well, typically, something went wrong. I had left one tiny little setting set to the wrong value in the build settings, which meant the game could crash as soon as you tried to play it! I’ve quickly corrected that (literally changed a single number from 0 to 21) and redeployed, hopefully it will be done in a few hours so I can get this cert submission in!

School run time


I’ve been having a relaxed one this evening whilst waiting for the newest build to deploy. It has now, so time to check it out and see where we’re at!


Sadly came across a couple of issues, albeit mostly minor but unfortunately quite obvious – enough for me not to be happy enough to push the build to certification.

I’m going to get an early night in and look at this with fresh eyes tomorrow.

Adios amigos!

Signed by my face

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