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116 The End is in Sight

Thursday 6th June 2019


Slightly later start today on account of being frigging exhausted. There is not much left to do now! A quite annoyingly laborious task ahead of doing a pass on all of the background images for map selections to fix issues and balance the levels, which is relatively painless but will take some time.

After that I want to take a look at the store art too, and ensure that it is all current and looking as good as it can.


All of the bg images are updated (it took a good couple of hours) and I’ve started to play with the store art. Other that that…….erm…I think the game is finished *IMMEDIATELY DUCKS EXPECTING A FLURRY OF BUGS TO STAMPEDE THROUGH THE WALL*

…….no stampede? Ah jeez….it might ACTUALLY be done!

Time to have some lunch, cut the grass and let that sink in.




Said it before and I’ll say it again……..SO close to completion now! Lol. I found another issue on Xbox which is not a blocker but is a major bug, so I’m just trying to fix that now and then I think the game is actually comp……nah I ain’t gonna say it.

Off to get my daughter.


Back briefly before I have to drop my daughter off again.


Footy training run!


Again, another brief visit to the office before heading to Ants for some testing


And I’m off again! I managed to fix the major Xbox bug quickly though :)


Back after a few hours round Ants and a bit of a chill time here. The worst thing happened and the new – supposedly “FINAL” - build just didn’t launch…..with no errors….just a black screen , and no clue as to why… We launched the previous build instead and found a few more issues that need resolving too.

Sigh, the never-ending story continues….


OK I found out what the black screen bug was… was embarrassingly stupid (serves me right for rushing earlier). Calling it a night.

Adios amigos!

Signed by my face





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