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112 Final Optimisations and Bug Fixes pt9

Friday 31st May 2019


In the office feeling and back to fixing bugs


A pretty solid and relentless session. Some of these bugs man…..absolute pain in the ass.

I’ve also been working on creating a page for the ID@Xbox Press Portal, which has meant updating our website a bit too, creating a “hero image” to display on the page, and creating an online gallery somewhere for people to easily view (I started this but gave up).

I need break.


Back in the office. Going to update the press kit branding images / website section, and make the online gallery I need for our E3 Press Portal page. After that, BACK TO THE BUGTURE III


Well, I managed to fix the penultimate blocker bug (which was such a painful elongated experience). I have one more (that I know of) blocker to fix, and then 3-4 more I think and I’m done. I’ll then start some destructive testing to see if I can find any more.

Taking a break



Next update...

(I have no idea what time I finished as I forgot to make my final entry on this day...judging by the picture I took below, it was very early hours....)

Adios amigos!

Signed by my face

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