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111 Final Optimisations and Bug Fixes pt8

Thursday 31st May 2019


In the office feeling a tad burnt out I can’t lie. But the show must go on.


Spent the entire morning so far plugging in a new ‘capes’ system that is for use with the Gold skin outfits (as we needed a way to differentiate between these gold skins, the capes use the player colour). It took longer than expected as I was a) making the cape physics work as nicely as possible (ball-ache btw) and b) making a system that determines whether anyone else chose the same character as you, and if they didn’t – don’t bother turning these capes on at all.

Taking a break to let the dogs out and grab a bite to eat.




Taking a break to feed the pooches and tidy up a bit




Managed to fix some of the trickier blocker bugs on Xbox! Got another couple of tricky ones to go, then a handful of others specific to Xbox. Getting oh so close to completion now!

Time for some dinner!


Back again (….Dilated Peoples starts playing in my head…)


Not gonna lie, I listed to the Platform straight after my last blog entry, haven’t listened to that album for years!

Anyway, lots more fixes in and all of the critical Xbox issues have been resolved. I have even implemented some bits to make the UX nicer. Just a few more finicky issues to solve, and some more destructive testing to do, and BOB IS YOUR UNCLE

Adios amigos!

Signed by my face

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