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110 Final Optimisations and Bug Fixes pt7

Wednesday 30th May 2019


I love how I'm now on part 7 of "final optimisations and bug fixes" - I am redefining the meaning of 'final' it seems...

Anyway, late start today as I was spending some time with the family today. Was out of action Monday for the Bank Holiday and yesterday as we attended Casual Connect in London. We were supposed to be at Casual Connect again today but things out of our control have led to being unable to attend (and attending tomorrow is looking bleak as it stands too).

I am back to fixing bugs and prepping the game for our final certification submission. A fair few issues arose at Casual Connect yesterday, and there are some bugs in the backlog from recent testing that need sorting too.


Getting lots done. Stopping for some dinner.


And I’m done. Absolutely shattered, but I’ve been ploughing through tons of stuff. There are probably less than 10 issues left to sort which I’ll be continuing with tomorrow.

Adios amigos!

Signed by my face





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