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105 Final Optimisations and Bug Fixes pt2

Tuesday 21st May 2019


In the office after the school run. Hoping to wrap up everything today and have a potential ‘Ready to Ship’ game!


I spent a couple of hours trying to re-implement the fire geysers that I had to strip out of the build due to performance issues. And whilst I did improve the system, it was still causing the fps to dip too far below 60fps too frequently (~54 - ~57 fps), so frustratingly that mechanic is going to have to be culled. Other than that, I’ve been making my way through some blocker bugs (all related to getting out of the game world, rigidbody physics clipping through things – fun!) which Ant has been helping to fix too this week. Still about 11 or so to go, and then I’ll do a test pass myself to see if I can find more.

Once those are done…..I think the game might be in a shippable state!!! I will spend a little time looking at polish after that though before preparing our Certification package – YIKES!

Time for lunch.




Fixed all the blocker bugs in the job pool, I want to do one last sanity pass on the entire game for similar issues before moving on. I have to take a pooch I’ve been dog-sitting today home first!




UGH. PNG to TGA City!

Stopping for dinner.


Back in the office


Might be pushing it a bit with the crunch now…..but the game is so very close to being in a shippable state now. Notes for myself:

1) Full second pass on all levels to see if you can break out of the track/game world

2) Full pass on all time trials to ensure the benchmark times are achievable

3) Full pass on Challenges to ensure they are beatable

4) Final performance pass on Xbox to ensure stability and consistent 60fps frame rate (I have deployed the latest build to the Xbox ready for testing)

5) STRETCH: Add the reward for getting all the gold medals

Adios amigos!

Signed by my face

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