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102 Xbox Optimisations & Preparing Press Release pt 2

Thursday 16th May 2019


I’m in the office and continuing with optimisations, a few new bugs to fix too.


Pretty ridiculous session. I couldn’t reach a suitable time to stop without losing track of where I’m at. I’ve spent the entire day so far trying to fix a really annoying (but important) bug to do with Xbox One suspended title states. PAIN IN THE ASS!

Taking a break.




ARGGGH! Is all I have to say.

Off to get daughter


Back in the office. Had to dash off earlier as I was rushing to get some emails out the door before I had to leave. Basically our Xbox One Announcement Trailer went live and I hadn’t quite gotten all of the influencer reach emails ready in time to send in sync with it, so I was rushing those out the door. They are all sent now and the trailer is doing relatively well so far :)

Other than that, I have been attempting to fix one pain in the ass bug for pretty much the entire day (some new bugs found as a result of it too though which I’ve been fixing as well).

I feel a late night coming on already….


What. A. Day.

The Xbox One announcement trailer was launched. GameNewsOfficial posted it on their channel. Our very first fan art drawing was posted online (which is AMAZING btw - check it out here). And I finally managed to fix the ball-ache bugs that have plagued me all day (thank GOODNESS).

I am pretty shattered now. Partly happy, partly stressed, but mostly tired.

Adios amigos!

Signed by my face





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