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101 Xbox Optimisations & Preparing Press Release

Wednesday 15th May 2019


I’m in the office and finishing off the blog update so I can post it online and forget about it!


Got the blog update in.

School run time




A somewhat frustrating first half of the day tbh. I found a couple more (big) bugs which are now sorted, tried to find a solution to re-implementing my Fire Geysers in the Volcano level (I had to turn these off as they were killing performance). I then spent far too long stressing about a couple of PC specific issues, and then spent a while trying to figure out just what is causing the horrible stuttering that kicks in occasionally. The frame rate never drops (according to Graphy) but sporadically (anywhere between every 10 – 60 seconds or so) the game will observe 1-3 seconds of horrible stutter and lag. My best guess is it’s garbage collection kicking in, but according to my mono profiling the memory doesn’t increase at all, and I spent a lot of time ensuring minimal (almost entirely zero) garbage is generated…..I’ve either missed something there, or it’s not that which is causing it.

I’m going to take a break and revisit this afternoon.




Half frustrating. Half draining. Half successful!

Off to get my daughter.


Back in the office for a bit.


Spent the evening setting up all of the draft emails for all of the Influencers we want to contact in sync with our announcement trailer launch. This involved going back through the database of contacts we have and making some personalised notes for each and everyone to add to our email template. It’s mostly done now, Ant is going to start saving out the individual drafts now, whilst I get some much needed sleep.

Adios amigos!

Signed by my face





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