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100 Xbox Optimisations & Marketing Assets Update

Tuesday 14th May 2019


Slightly later start than usual following the school run. In the office and ready to continue optimizing the Xbox build. I also want to update all of our marketing assets with the most current material. I also have a guy coming today to refit our bathroom flooring and fix some paving slabs.


A pretty decent morning after a slow start. I had to change course a a little as I found a graphical issue with some key art that we use in our trailers, so I had to fix that in photoshop then render out the trailers again, which took a bit of time. After that I updated all of our social media banners (on my local machine at least, still need to upload) with the most current artwork. I also updated our press kit (again, locally for now) with all of the current art, the announcement trailer, etc. They are currently uploading to google drive. In between all of the uploading / downtime I started benchmarking the latest Xbox build and comparing performance to the initial one – it’s looking and feeling really good so far! Big steps in the right direction.

Time for some lunch.


Back in the office


I’ve finished updating all our marketing assets and the website now.

School run time!




Not a bad session, I managed to figure out what was causing the massive performance hit on the Volcano level and have now got it running at 60fps too. I also solved the issue with pinata confetti explosions causing a big hit to performance too – turns out collision events on particles is just ridiculously expensive! NOTE TO SELF: Look at how the barrel debris handles this, as that doesn’t cause nowhere near as much slowdown


Back in the office. I haven’t updated the blog for quite some time, so actually let’s do that now and get it out the way with (this may take a while…)


And I’m done for the night. I have been delving into optimisations even further, and spent a while massively reducing our memory count by compressing textures, I think it went down from about 1.1gb to just over 400mb! The latest profiling build is running pretty damn smooth on PC now, I did a quick time trial on nacho farm and saw no GC-style stuttering at all this time, but I’ll do more testing tomorrow.

The blog took some time, but I also spent a little while making a montage of my face for these past 100 days. Enjoy lol

Whenever I forgot to take a selfie I used a silhouette of me plus googly eyes of course

Adios amigos!

Signed by my face

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