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098 Optimisations & Finalizing Announcement Trailers

Friday 10th May 2019


In the office and learning new and different ways about what the word tired means. My back is killing me (damn you over-indulgent ‘yesterday-Ben’ with your frigging hours upon hours of back massaging!) and I’m feeling a bit under the weather but I am too determined to roll over.

Got a few dev things to look at this morning, and some further optimisations to make, but first I want to wrap up the announcement trailer (there will be 3 slightly different versions, the base one is 95% done).


Tiredness and Trailers = EVERYTHING IS AWESOME



Back to the grindhouse.


Well, I think I’m finally done with the trailers! They are considered done, until I hear any feedback or issues that need addressing from either Microsoft or Nintendo. I am so excited to launch them!

I also updated some of our in-game UI elements with the new Artwork Ant has made, they look great! The new logo is in there too:

Stopping for dinner.


Back in the office. The crunch is real.


OK…I’m done. What a week. Shattered doesn’t even cover it. But all of the major bugs and outstanding tasks are now done. The trailers are fully complete (UGH NO THEY’RE NOT – I MOVED THE ESRB THING AT THE START….post-processed audio will not be out of sync…writing this as a note to myself more than anything as a reminder to fix it).

Time for bed.

Adios amigos!

Signed by my face





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