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094 WHOA! I am ACTUALLY Making the Trailer!

Thursday 2nd May 2019


I’m surprisingly alright this morning, feeling a little delicate and I can tell my body hates me, but I’m good. Got so much done with the trailer last night it feels great! So I’m carrying on with that today (ps. cards on the table, I’m writing this at 1:50pm right now, because I completely forgot to blog!).


Trailer is coming along really, really nicely now. All of the clips, additional SFX, audio balancing, and transitions are locked down! All of the text overlays have been made (the first iteration at least) and are ready to be plugged in this afternoon! The only thing stopping me from completing this in full today will be the lack of official marketing assets that I need from both Xbox and Nintendo, otherwise this bad boy is going to be wrapped up in full!

I have definitely found something else I really love doing, had a blast with this!

Time for some lunch.


Back in the office.


What a sesh! (including this whole week really, but yesterday / last night and today in particular). The trailer is DONE (all bar minor feedback and final marketing assets from Nintendo – I have just this second got the Xbox ones in fact....) and I am thrilled with how it’s turned out! I wish I could share it right now!!

Calling it a day there.

Adios amigos!

Signed by my face





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