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093 Localizing the Store Lising & Actually Starting our Trailer

Wednesday 1st May 2019


In the office and feeling a little delicate, but ready to rock nonetheless! I’m pretty psyched the game is localized now. I feel comfortable enough to move onto the trailer now, but want to quickly create the localized versions of our store listing, and Xbox Achievements first (I have placeholder localisations for now but want this setup ready to go).


Slight change of tact, I spent the first hour sending out emails to Press looking for coverage of our game. I had written the drafts over a week ago (before Insomnia) but never got round to sending them. 17 new emails sent and another 9 follow-up emails sent too J

Now I can get back to dev work!


It happens all the time…the best intentions to be done and dusted quickly with something, and here we are hours later and it’s still not done. I have at least managed to finish setting up all of the localized store pages for the product, and fine-tweaked my placeholder translations to at least be a bit more accurate (from my best stab at it).

I still need to localize the Achievements which I’ll do after lunch.


Back in the office, longer lunch break to finally catch the latest game of thrones episode – it was a long one!


And I’m done with localisation for now. All in-game, menus, store listing, achievements, and rich presence strings are all localized into 6 different languages. I am pending final sign-off on the actual translations from experts, but I’m happy it’s in an MVP state (google translate is powerful as hell if you spend some time and tweaking with it).

Taking a brief break to take the dogs out.


Back….and need to do a bit more work from a infrastructure point of view on the xbox live localisations front, just to make my life easier when it comes to updating the strings with the finalized translations……I will get started on this trailer in 2019 damn it!


Localisation might be an unstoppable beast……..I have finished what I can do for now though, and everything is setup so that it will be relatively painless to update all of the translated strings once the final ones drop.

On the bright side though I have actually taken the first steps to creating the trailer! I’ve downloaded HitFilm Express (which has been highly recommended) and started compiling a playlist of potential music to use! All of my clips (I hope) have been captured, and we have a plan in mind… hopefully it will be a smooth process.

Stopping for dinner


Back in the office briefly before a parents evening.


Off to parents evening


Back in the office, and back to working on the trailer. This is knee-deep crunch now for sure…..


Oh, hai 4am…..well, I don’t feel too bad tbh, but this is definitely going to catch up with me. The basis of the announcement trailer is now complete! I need to fine tune some of the transitions and timings now but nothing major. My big task tomorrow will be to add the beauty text overlays and ideally with some nice animations too (though MVP will be static).

Pretty pleased with it so far, and have really enjoyed doing it.

Adios amigos!

Signed by my face





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