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092 Localizing the Game & Probably Not Starting our Trailer Again

Tuesday 30th Apr 2019


In the office quickly before the school run. I’m going to hopefully finish off the localisation system this morning, at least in terms of setting it all up so it behaves correctly. I have several people helping out with the actual translations as we speak. I didn’t get round to starting on the trailer yesterday at all, but I’m hoping to give that some time this afternoon.


School run time


Back in the office after the school run and a brief run around with the dogs.


Maybe I was a bit optimistic thinking I’d be done by lunch, BUT, the main menus are done now which is the bulk of the work! And everything is setup to allow for easy implementation too. After lunch I’m going to blitz the in-game text (luckily I’ve set things up using prefabs, so in theory I should only have to plug the localisation system into 1 race map and 1 battle arena for it to roll out universally).


Back in the office. Ugh, it’s amazingly sunny and warm outside though….a cold beer in the sun…….man


Almost done! So close…..though I need to make another system that handles images (I use stylized images for things like ‘Get Ready’ and pause menu headings……)

School run time.


Back in the office, after a brief stint realising that the hose I just bought is too short, and ordering some outfit pieces for my daughters 80’s themed birthday party (Run DMC anybody?)


Getting there! Stopping for dinner and dog walk.


Back in the office after a bit of family time.


Oh hey, wow….well, I finished the localisation system. And now I’m going to sleep.

Adios amigos!

Signed by my face





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