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091 Localizing the Game & Starting our Trailer

Monday 29th Apr 2019


In the office after the school run. The focus today will be implementing a localisation system. I want users to be able to change the language to whatever they please during gameplay, so that will take some time to setup. I’ve almost finished compiling the list of English strings that need translating (sneaky weekend overtime) and I’ll send that out to get the ball rolling with the actual translations whilst I setup the system.

If I get time I also want to start mapping out our trailer, now that I have a decent amount of footage to use.


Lots done, and I don’t really have time to write anything significant here. But the basis of the ‘Change Language’ system is in, I just (OH! Hi J word) need to trigger the actual changing of strings in game when the user chooses a new language. I even knocked up some funky little flags for the UI !

Time for lunch.


Only a quick lunch today, I even ate my sandwich outside whilst the dogs had a run around.

Back to work whilst I’m in the zone (and there’s a shit ton to do…..)


Building up the foundations of my localisation system. I’m being quite meticulous in the setup but I’m hoping this planning phase will make the implementation a lot easier.

School run time.


Back in the office


Still plugging away at this localisation system. Starting to plug things into the game now.

Stopping for dinner.


Back in the office


Well, it’s safe to say I’m shattered. But I’ve made significant progress with my localization system (I swear I’m spelling that differently every time I write it).

Here’s a little preview of what I’ve got so far (using entirely placeholder translations at this stage):

I’m pretty happy the actual translated text appears as it should now (for the most part) on the menus, I’ll do a sweep tomorrow to ensure all plugin points have been caught. Next I’ll move onto plugging in the trigger points for in-game translations. Then comes the hardest part – making sure the size of the strings works in all scenarios……can’t wait for that one!!

Adios amigos!

Signed by my face





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