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089 Still Fixing Bugs & Polishing the Game

Thursday 25th Apr 2019

8:10am In the office, ready to blitz through as many bugs as possible. Ant has also improved some of the placeholder artwork so I’ll take a look at that in game to.


Definitely sounding like a broken record now – but another morning involving lots and lots of bug fixes! I’ve solved a couple more of the tricky ones, and spent quite a while on one of them that involved lots of mapping down of invisible colliders, smoothing out terrain, and fixing floor colliders.

I think that’s all of the major and above ones out the way with now! And I have been picking up lots of smaller ones too if I was in the same scene / area of code anyway.

Time for lunch before more bug fixing this afternoon.


Slightly longer lunch than usual, but back in the office


Got a few more good bugs fixed, and spent the last hour or so on a more taxing one that is starting to drive me a bit bonkers.

Breaking to go get my daughter.


Back for a bit


Alright I’m done. I spent the rest of the evening finishing up another complicated issue. It wasn’t a bug, but was necessary because it a) needed optimizing b) was causing an obscure but annoying bug and c) was required in order to work on a ‘you’re going the wrong way’ system that I’d like to implement. It seems to be working really well now, but will need properly testing, with more players than I can muster on my own.

Everything that’s left now is pretty much polish and improvements. Although I need to talk with Ant about time costs for the outstanding bits and pieces on his side, including the store art that needs doing. Oh and I also need to get to work on the trailer….and get some new VO for Maria in……AND try to sort out some localization plus implement a system to deal with that……LOLOLOL….it’s starting to feel a little intense now :D


Adios amigos!

Signed by my face

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