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088 Back to Fixing Bugs

Wednesday 24th Apr 2019


In the office. First things first I want to update our mailing list with all of the people that registered interest at Insomnia.

Once that’s done it’s back to bug fixing, starting with wrapping up the refinement / fixes to the movement code.


Pretty solid and productive morning so far. I managed to get the tricky movement code sorted out pretty quickly to be fair, and have been resolving more tricky / major issues since then. Most of the complicated ones are done now, so I’ll continue on with that after lunch.

Taking a slightly later lunch break as I need to pop to Tescos and it’s always manic between 1-2, so I’ll go just after 2.


Back in the office.


Killing it! That's all there is to say :D

Stopping for dinner.


Back in the office for some overtime and the Man Utd vs Man City game!


Done, reeeeeallly cba to write much here – just been fixing bugs and found a few along the way. More of the same tomorrow!

Adios amigos!

Signed by my...damn I forgot to take a picture!

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