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086 Final Prep for Insomnia 64

Thursday 18th Apr 2019

11:30am In the office feeling pretty tired with a bit of a headache but oh well. I want to get the last few things sorted for Insomnia, and actually screw it – lets’s update the blog shall we!? It’s been a while.


Blog updated and posted about on social media.

I need to nip out for a bit for some supplies and to run an errand.


I’m writing this on Tuesday 23rd April, as I totally forgot to finish this blog entry! All I can remember is I was very tired, and very ‘rushing around to finish everything last minute’.

We left for Insomnia at about 7pm, got to the venue at about 9:30pm to setup, and to the hotel at about 10:15pm! It was a long day.

Adios amigos!

Signed by my.....damn I forgot to take a picture!





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