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085 More Bugs and Prepping for Insomnia

Wednesday 17th Apr 2019

8:10am In the office. Back to fixing bugs and getting the PC version of the game in a good state for Insomnia.


Pretty frustrating morning, it took a couple of hours to fix an issue I had already spent at least an hour trying to fix last night, but glad to say it’s finally dealt with. It’s a bit of a hard to find bug, but it does crash the game so it was really important. I managed to fix a few other issues besides that, and found a couple more bugs too.

Stopping for lunch, but only a quick one today.


Back in the office, sat outside in the sun – the first time it’s felt warm enough so far this year, was awesome!


Ugh. What. A. Session. I don’t think I’ve looked away from the screen or left my desk. I’ve just been fixing bug after bug after bug. I also spent some time creating & plugging in some new UI Images for our Tourney Mode. I will also plug in the 3D models to the ‘End of Tourney’ scene as well later on, hopefully with a nice turntable motion.

I’m taking a break for some food and a haircut. Will be back on later to start prepping the build for Insomnia.


Refreshed and ready to rock. Tonight will be about finding and fixing the most important bugs. I also want to spend a bit of time preparing an email / pitch for journalists that I can send out tomorrow prior to Insomnia.


Erm….it’s 3:45am….I’m done; but SO IS THE GREATEST BUILD EVER READY FOR INSOMNIA 64!

Adios amigos!

Signed by my face





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