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084 Fixing Xbox Certification Bugs

Tuesday 16th Apr 2019

7:50am In the office. I have one last certification bug to fix, and then a few more non-critical Xbox bugs to resolve after that.


I have spent most of the morning removing a bunch of code from the game. We basically decided that we no longer want to lock off content, and just allow players access to all levels and characters by default, only using the in-game currency you earn to unlock different outfits. That also effected some of the fun facts I store, and some Xbox Achievements too.

So that took a bit of time to sort out, but is done now.

I also had a whole bunch of flyers delivered, but unfortunately there were some problems with them, so I had to spend some time going back and forth with the printing company.


Back in the office. Time to get back into fixing Xbox specific bugs!


I’ve managed to fix a few big problems and discovered a couple more. It’s been a pretty productive session, but was hampered a little with the continuous back and forth with the printing company – including a trip to the post office!

Stopping for some dinner.


Back in the office, I’m putting in some overtime this week as I’ll be out of action for a while due to Insomnia which is happening Friday till Monday.


Here are two facts for free:

1. I am very tired.

2. Xbox bug fixing is a pain in the nipples.


Adios amigos!

Signed by my face





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