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Monday 15th Apr 2019

7:15am In the office and feeling a tiny bit anxious at the amount left to do, and the time dwindling away. I am also aware I haven’t updated the blog for a couple of weeks (though I have been documenting progress locally in word docs). The blog feels like a genuine waste of time atm, and I need as much of it as I can get – so as the title says, I’m tempted to stop writing them.

Anyway, this morning I need to solve some big problems with the new ‘Player Angle to Match Terrain Angle’ code I implemented as the build cannot go to Insomnia in its current state. I then also need to fix the Xbox specific bugs left in my bug pool, implement new art assets, and maybe, hopefully start working on the trailer.


In. the. Zone. Killing it with these Xbox bugs, and found a few more along the way, as well as solving most of the issues with the player angle code.

Taking a break for lunch and to wash my car.




All Cert fail issues are fixed except one, the tricky one! I’ve been looking into it for the last half hour or so and made a small start on updating the code.

Stopping for some dinner.


Back to put in a little overtime.


Calling it quits. I’ve made significant progress with the code in terms of mitigating the frequency by which calls to Xbox Live Services are made (Rich Presence and Achievements mainly) which seems to have helped a lot judging by the debug log. I also added a few more safety checks to ensure we’re only querying things that have actually seen change, as well as massively reducing the number of Rich Presence possibilities there are (I got carried away when I first made them…).

I still haven’t managed to get the tool I’d like to use working yet (this would allow me to more finely analyze the issues, as well as mimic the analysis that Xbox themselves made of the game) but I feel like I’ve made good strides in the right direction. I’m hoping to have that tool available tomorrow (I’ve posted on the Xbox and Unity forums seeking assistance with it).

Signing out!

Adios amigos!

Signed by my face





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