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081 Hey Guess What - More Bug Fixing!

Thursday 11th Apr 2019


Slightly later start today as the whole village had a power cut this morning. I’m straight back into fixing bugs. Ant has also submitted a bunch of new assets, so I’ll be plugging those in today as well.

Oh and I never did update the blog yesterday…..not gonna lie, I probably won’t today either.

But I should.

But I won’t.


Nothing massively exciting to report, just ploughing through the list of bugs still.

Stopping for lunch and the Dentist (play dramatic music).


Back in the office after another long lunchbreak. But the Dentist is done, I’ve had some grub, and I’m straight back into the flow of fixing shit!


Another good session done, and lots more things improved. I’m particularly pleased with one fix that led to the player (and InvinciBull) actually respecting the slope of the terrain. The player was always perfectly upright before, now they will lean forward/back in relation to the ground they’re running on, which a) looks great and b) solves the bug I was trying to fix!

Stopping to take daughter to Footy and for some dinner


Back in the office.


More bugs, galore bugs, I adore bugs, POOR BUGS (getting wrecked for sure, bugs).

Taking a break, may or may not come back!


Back, but just for a bit


A bit turned into a lot, I was in the zone and got so much done. Tomorrow I can finish off the last few bits then move onto fixing up Xbox Specific bugs.

Adios amigos!

Signed by my face

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