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078 Updating PressKit and Fixing More Bugs

Friday 5th Apr 2019


Another early start today. I want to get the PressKit page of our website updated with all of the new material I gathered yesterday. Once that’s done I want to then reach out to a bunch of contacts I have to try and get some press coverage for the game – fingers crossed!

And once all that has been done, it’s back to fixing bugs and polishing the game.


I can’t believe the time. Doing this marketing stuff is a full time job, huh? The Website is now fully up to date with new press kit, the press kit uploads are finally finished (after a bit of constant iteration, think I am version 4 now….anyway).

I have drafted the email template to send out now. I just want to personalise each one now, I have about 9 to send in total.

Will handle that after lunch.


A quick lunch today as I feel like the day (more like the whole week) has just flown by. I want to get everything prepped ready to send to press – which I’ll do after EGX Rezzed has finished, so that I’m more likely to get a response.


Much of the same this afternoon really. I’ve setup all of the emails I need to send now, and created a new build of the game specifically for Press coverage (that took a bit of time to do but not too much).

I also spent some time gathering contact details of Influencers that might be interested in our game. It’s amazing how much time simple tasks like this take! I think I might put some overtime in tonight to get some Dev work done.

Taking a break for some dinner.


Back in the office


And I’m done. Felt good getting back into Dev mode, I managed to blitz through 10+ bugs which felt great. But now I’m shattered!

I recorded a video of me testing time trials, a handy little technique to speed up this process is increasing the time scale value at runtime!

Time to enjoy the weekend.

Adios amigos!

Signed by my face





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