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077 Optional Certification Report, Marketing Material & More Bug Fixes

Thursday 4th Apr 2019


Early start today as I want to get a bunch of up to date screenshots taken so we can update our press kit. I need to chop up the videos we recorded on Tuesday as well.

I’ve also seen the report from our Optional Certification has landed in our inbox! There are a few issues that will need addressing as a result of that, but I have time allocated later in the roadmap for handling our final Certification package.


Read the Optional Cert report, and it’s actually pretty good! There are a total of 13 issues reported, 7 of which was cause for failure. After going through them, some are already fixed, and those that aren’t should be pretty straight forward to resolve! There are a couple which might be a little more involved but overall I’m really happy with the report and the current state of the game!

Stopping briefly for some breakfast.


Back, but only briefly as I need to do the school run soon.


School run time


Back in the office


I’ve spent the morning taking screenshots of game, as our press kit is pretty out of date now and we have lots of events coming up. I’ve got plenty now, and Ant has taken a bunch too which he uploading. After I finished doing the screenshots, I started cutting up the footage I recorded earlier in the week. I’m about 25% of the way through doing that now, it’s a long-old task, but needs to be done. I’ll carry on with this, this afternoon.

Time for some lunch!


Back in the office


An entire afternoon gone in a blink! Cannot believe how quickly the time has gone. But, all videos are not cut up into small clips, all screenshots have been compiled, edited and prepped for packaging. The only thing left to do now is create some GIFS from the videos I’ve already cut up, update our Branding images, and update our ‘About the Game’ copy and the PressKit is done!

I also wrote up a fair amount of bugs that I either remembered from memory or noticed in the videos / screenshots I was collating.

Off to pick up my daughter.


Back after a quick trip to the shop and a small bite to eat as we’re heading out for a proper meal later. Will carry on getting the new PressKit together.


Stopping for BURRITOS!


Back in the office briefly to finish this blog and the updated write up about the game for our press kit.


Write up is done. All of the PressKit files have finished uploading too. A really productive day!

Adios amigos!

Signed by my face





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