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075 Moar Bug Fixes and Optimisation

Tuesday 2nd Apr 2019


In the office briefly before the school run again, back into fixing bugs and optimising the game’s performance.


Pretty focussed little session, I’ve started converting the UI Animations I had made into code driven animations as opposed to using Animator Controllers (I hear that’s really bad for UI). And I’m about 40% of the way through doing that already.

Stopping for some breakfast and the school run.


Back in the office


A really good session but time consuming! I am probably about 80% of the way through converting from Animator Controllers to code-driven animations for the UI now, but annoyingly I have to update quite a few Inspector references for every single level because of this, which is going to take a little while. I’ll tackle that after lunch, and finish off the remaining UI Animations too.


Back in the office


Ploughing through the inspector reference updates, still only about 40% of the way there with it.

School run




Almost. There. Sheesh. This has been a CHORE. I have a couple more things to sort out and then this task is all but done (from a gameplay side anyway, I need to do a pass on the menus but this is less of a worry from a performance optimisation pov).

Time for dinner.


Back in the office

Profiling Build V04

Changed pretty much every UI element that used an Animator Controller to instead use code-driven animations (note to self: I still need to double check things that are on the Perm Canvas, and other things that persevere on scene changes)


Put in a bit of overtime tonight as I downed tools for a while to record some gameplay footage / test the latest build with Ant and my family. Got a good 20+ bugs out of it, and almost an hour’s worth of video footage! Battle mode wasn’t working sadly (due to changes I’d been making throughout the day) but there’s a lot of Racing footage to start cutting up.

After that was done I jumped straight into fixing some of the bugs we found, nothing exciting really but it all adds up to the shiny, shiny polish!

Signing out.

Adios amigos!

Signed by my face

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