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074 Bug Fixes and Optimisation

Monday 1st Apr 2019


In the office briefly before the school run to start updating the blog.


Blog update is 60% there, off to do the school run.


Back in the office, once I’ve update the blog and posted about it online I’m going to get straight back into Bug Fixes and Polish. I want to do some profiling of the build on Xbox today as well so I can start looking into runtime stability and optimisations.


It always feels like time flies on Mondays and I hate it. I’ve got a little bit of work done, fixing a few bugs, balancing the Mystical Piñata chase game, as well as implemented a proiximity gauge that fills up when you’re close enough (as opposed to instantly catching it as soon as you got near). I also found a blocker bug that was causing Unity / the game to crash without any debug logs which was fun. Luckily it didn’t take too long to resolve but that was another 20 minutes lost.

I’ve now started to take a look at profiling the game when it’s running on the Xbox One, but I’m getting hungry so going to have some lunch and continue that this afternoon.



PC Profiling Builds: Notes for Comparisons


Ran the build off with all of the current settings

Ran really smoothly for the most part, but micro stutters were happening occasionally, and in some cases for quite a prolonged period of time

CPU and GPU were coming in at ~6ms and ~3ms respectively on average


Changed QualitySettings.vSyncCount from 0 to 1 in GlobalControl (line 984)

Still noticed microstuttering, also noticed some garbage being generated from the Xbox Plugins Manager (TURNS OUT THIS IS FROM THE TIME TRIAL LAP TIMERS FORMAT STRING)


Removed garbage generation from the Xbox Plugins manager. Re-ran the same build as


Ran smoothly almost entirely

Saw what looked like big spikes in the profiler (they were more like cliffs/plateaus than spikes) but I think this was the Vsync system doing it’s job, as the gfxwaitforpresent thing kicked in (on screen there was no lag or stutter when these cliffs appeared in the profiler)

Saw a couple of occassions where micro stutter occurred, so I believe this could be due to garbage collection / animators on UI elements constantly running in the BG / un-optimized particle FX in the scene


School run




Dinner time, been optimising the timers in game!


Back in the office.


Calling it a night. Lots of bug fixes, some optimisations, some new featues (mystical proximity and balancing), and started on a Wrong Way system.

A pretty productive day.

Adios amigos!

Signed by my face

Updating Android on my phone, I apparently have photo filters now

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