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073 Adding More Features, Bug Fixes & Optimisation

Friday 29th Mar 2019


In the office. I need to add an ‘Extras’ section to the main menu, which will basically be for tracking interesting stats about the game (the code for which I’ve already written as part of my real-time Stats monitoring tool, I just need to plug in a basic interface for displaying the information nicely). After that I’m going to dive head first into the long list of Bug fixes!


A decent morning, I decided to implement the Extras section into the Info Menu and call them Fun Facts section, and they're all done and working nicely.

This is a scrolling panel with plenty of statistics about your game history

Other than that, I fixed a couple of small issues, and then implemented a UI popup system that ties into the unlocking of content. So now when you spend currency on unlocking a level, a character or an outfit, a congratulations UI pops up confirming your action. Additionally a ‘Region now available’ popup will appear once you’ve unlocked all Races and Battles in a region (once you have, the next region becomes accessible). I need to plug in some fanfare audio to these two popups but that won’t take long.

Time for some lunch.

1:20pm Back


Another decent session, I got quite a few bugs fixes done, including some really awkward ones that have been driving me mad for a while! It’s quite hard to stay motivated and in the zone doing non-stop fixes, it can be not-very exciting indeed, but it’s all part and parcel of the package! I’m feeling good about things now anyway and everything is heading towards the finish line!

Signing out.

Adios amigos!

Signed by my face





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