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072 Final Build Candidate for Cert & Adding More Features

Thursday 28th Mar 2019


Well I didn’t make it back into the office after lunch yesterday, well, except for a brief 15 minute spell to download the new build from the store around 5pm and give it a very quick test.

I’m going to give it a bit more of a test this morning with high hopes that it’s now Blocker-Bug-Free so that I can finally submit for optional certification!


I am finally happy that the build is in a good enough place to submit for Optional Certification! I concluded that quite early this morning, and since then have been writing up some supplementary documentation to be used in conjunction with testing. This includes every detail about the game, how to play the various game modes, what content is locked and how to unlock it, instructions for how to use the Debug Testing Tools, etc etc

I’ve just finished that now, apart from one final section that I need some guidance from Xbox one. I’ve pinged them an email and will hopefully hear back from them today. As soon as that has been clarified I literally just need to hit a button on the Microsoft portal!

Time for some lunch and a dawgie walk.


Back in the office, and I’ve immediately got a reply to my email – and the response is a good one which means I don’t have to do anything further! I’m making a PDF version of the guide and getting ready to HIT THAT BUTTON!

Once that’s done (and I’ve finished my little victory dance) I will finish off the last few tasks with the game’s content before I move onto Optimisation, Bug Fixes and Polish!



Additionally the How to Play section of the menu is done too! Including the sexiest damn artwork you have ever seen.....


A good frigging day today! Time to log off and relax!

Adios amigos!

Signed by my face





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