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071 Final Build Candidate for Cert & Adding More Features

Wednesday 27th Mar 2019

7:45am….(continued from Tuesday 26th March)

On a bit of a Dev marathon atm, having been up since 8am yesterday morning. I just want to stay in the zone with this Xbox re-write or I’ll get lost again. It’s looking good so far I’m just finding the last few edge cases to cater for. Goodly (I legit can’t think of words right now, so goodly will do) the robustness of this new system so far has allowed for more thorough testing, and allowed me to find some obscure blocker bugs that I never would have found with the old messy code.

I am gonna take a break for some breakfast and a shower and then back to it!


Back in the office, lesgo!


And I think I’m finally happy with the build! The new package is being deployed to the both the Dev store and Certification staging environment. Hopefully it will be ready to test before the end of today, but I know it can take up to 24 hours to go through. Once it’s had a 10-15 minute run through to ensure there are no quick-to-find blocker bugs, then it will be ready to (FINALLY) submit for optional certification!!!

Whilst that’s doing its thing I’m going to finish off the main menu features that are left to do (I’m halfway through the Piñata Items information interface, and will move onto the ‘How to Play’ guidance after that).


OK I’m feeling a little flaky now. But I’ve finished implementing the Piñata Items Info UI feature which just gives players some more information about each weapon type, along with a 3D model and a nice shiny UX.

Time for lunch (and maybe a nap),

Spoiler: I didn't make it back into the office after passing out on the sofa!

Adios amigos!

Signed by my face





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