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070 Final Build Candidate for Cert & Adding More Features

Tuesday 26th Mar 2019


In the office briefly before the school run. Our final build candidate for Cert should have been published overnight, so I’ll check that out first to make sure I’m happy with it before submitting.

After that I want to finish off adding a few more features to the main menus before moving onto more general bug fixing, polish and optimisation.


This. Shit. Never. Ends. I have felt “close” to having a signed off cert build for more than a week now. I can’t take it anymore LOL. Actually going crazy over here. Typically, I found a blocker bug within the first 5 minutes of testing the candidate build, which led to a few more blockers, and then some criticals and majors, and so on and so forth.

I am now deploying yet another build to my Dev Kit for testing, after fixing the last of this current batch of blockers. I am not even going to jinx it by saying “this should be the last of them now!” because I have learned my lesson. The build is going to suck. Something will break. Definitely. 100%....

I’m taking a lunch break and will test it this afternoon.


Back in the office



School run



7:45am….(Wednesday 27th March)

Ermmmm….I got carried away and rewrote the entire User Management system on Xbox One. I can’t human too good right now, but it is finally working as expected. In full. NO BUGS. And more importantly if bugs do arise I’ll actually be able to fix them now that the code isn’t a clusterfuck of spaghetti fresh out the blender.

I’ll continue this blog entry into the next day…today….you know what I mean

Adios amigos!

Signed by my face

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