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069 Prepping for Optional Cert Submission pt4

Monday 25th Mar 2019


In the office before the school run to make a start on updating the blog. I didn’t do it last week so I have a couple of weeks worth to get done before getting stuck into Dev again.


80% of the way there with the blog update. Off to do the school run.


Had to get petrol on the way home so back a little later than normal. Time to finish up the blog, and then get back to finishing off the Certification Build.


99 small little bugs in the code…99 small little bugs……..

It really is never ending, just when I think I’m close I find something else. And fixing one thing breaks another. It really, really is so, so close now – I have two final bugs to fix and then I’m happy the build is ready to be packaged up and submitted. I’m aiming to do that this afternoon.

Oh I also drafted an email to a journalist during the build process down times, which a good friend of ours (that has a lot of experience in this field) has offered to review and give feedback on, so I’ve sent that across to him.

A pretty productive morning to be fair, just frustrating! Time for a quick lunch break.


Back in the office


I think I’ve fixed everything now, I don’t have time to test it as I need to leave for the school run, but I’ve left the build deploying to the dev kit.


Back in the office and hopefully with the end in sight!


YES! I got stats working finally! AND I have fixed all blocker bugs and think the build is good to go! Time to stop for dinner, when I come back I’ll create the new package and upload it the store and the staging area for Certification access!

(Oh and in between builds during downtime I’ve made a start on creating the Character Bios section of the main menu)


Back in the office and ready to put in some extra work


OK. The Certification candidate build, the one I think is FINAL, is currently uploading to the store, to both my WIP environment, and the Cert environment. Barring any disastrous out-of-the-blur bugs being found when I test it in the morning, I will be submitting to Optional Cert tomorrow morning!

In other news, I’ve implemented the Character Bios interface, which is just a nice-to-have touch I wanted to add to the game.

It’s working pretty well, and I’ll leave it like that for now until we have time to add some polish.

Pretty tired now, but a positive day!

Adios amigos!

Signed by my face

OK I admit I was tired here

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