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068 Prepping for Optional Cert Submission pt3

Sunday 24th Mar 2019


I’m up early for a Sunday as I don’t want this Cert submission to get delayed much longer. I think the build is almost there in terms of stability & being free from critical bugs, so I’m going to give it one final pass today and (hopefully) actually submit to Cert!


Taking a break for some lunch, non-stop bug finding and fixing today so far.


Back in the office


Still finding issues that would cause blockers during Cert testing. A good friend of ours has been helping with testing today which has been a godsend, and he's found even more blocker bugs that I cannot allow to be submitted to Cert.

Taking another break to walk the dogs.


Back again.


Still just bug fixing and tidying up the build. It's never-ending!

Breaking for dinner


Back in the office for the very last time today!


How is it this time already? Today has been pretty hardcore I’m not going to lie, and I am feeling shattered. I just had to stay in the zone with this or I would have completely just lost track of everything I was doing (there are so many intertwining issues, it’s a little messy tbh).

I am very, very close to having a signed off build now though, genuinely. The submission has been slightly delayed and it's been frustrating to keep finding issues, however this Optional Cert opportunity is a big thing for us, so I don't want to waste it. I really feel that I'll be in a position to create a final signed-off build for Cert tomorrow.

Once that’s out the way I can move onto my next task – MORE BUG FIXING (ugh, genuinely that's what is in the schedule). To be fair, it’s not just that, next week I will also be looking at optimising the performance of the game, and polishing as much as I can......OK it is pretty much that. FML.

Adios amigos!

Signed by my face

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