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066 Prepping for Optional Cert Submission

Friday 22nd Mar 2019


In the office bright and ready to focus on getting our optional cert submission….err....submitted.


Pretty good session. As predicted there were some bugs with the Debug tools I made, so I've been fixing those and refining it, and now it's working nicely. I also fixed a load of bugs that I found in the Cert Candidate build, created a new Achievement (secret one) and set that all up.

After lunch I want to fix one final issue (time trial respawning can break the lap counter system), build on Xbox, Test, and then start packaging it all up for the Cert Submission.......I'm actually going to stop saying this from now on, that's at least the 7th time in the last two weeks!

Lunch time.


Back from lunch.


And I'm done for the day. Currently publishing a new Candidate Package to the Microsoft store, which will take up to 24 hours to get through the system.

I got LOADS done today,

Blog it? C - B - A,

And cos' that rhymed, I'll rap for you,

Err....flip flam flickety floo*

Adios amigos!

Signed by my face

*I think I might actually be going a little stir crazy now





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