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065 Bug Fixes, Polish & Optimisation

Thursday 21st Mar 2019


In the office bright and early. I want to fix up a few little bugs from Tournament mode, and then do some general bug fixing, polish and optimisation across the board.


Crikey, I have been somewhat in the zone. I realised this morning that I need far more Tools to allow for easier testing of Achievements, Stats and general user progress. So I’ve implemented just that, a debugging utility that allows you to a) increase/decrease variables relevant to Achievements/Stats, and b) instantly lock / unlock things – either individually or on the whole. All of which is encompassed in some gorgeous programmer art on the interface!

It’s all working well so far but I'm sure there will be bugs to find and fix with it. The only thing left to do - functionality wise - is to add in a ‘Send this adjusted debug data to Xbox Live Services’ so I can test that things unlock correctly. This tool also includes a Realtime ‘Stats Monitor’ that I can view during gameplay to ensure when things happen (i.e. a car runs you over, you use a speed boost, etc) that the relevant variable is updating correctly.

A very solid and productive session, but now I need to eat and take a break!


Almost done with debug tools! I missed a few things that need to unlock when you unlock things (I forgot about battle arenas), and I need to fix some bugs with the displaying of stored values versus the new ones you're trying to set.

I WILL get round to making our Optional Cert Submission sometime this century!

Adios amigos!

Signed by my face

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