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063 Plugging in New Assets & Creating a Tournament Mode

Tuesday 19th Mar 2019


In the office briefly before the school run. I need to assess where everything is at, and do a few admin tasks first thing.


School run


Back in the office. I quickly checked the Xbox Store (on the Dev Kit) this morning and our game is now appearing there, WHICH FEELS SO AWESOME!

I'm going to take a quick look at that, to make sure I can download it and the game installs and runs OK. I want to test it out a bit more with Ant before making our actual Optional Cert submission though, which we’ll do tonight.

Once I’ve finished my brief testing, I’m going to shift focus back to Dev mode, to ensure all of the new graphical assets are plugged in, and maaaaaaybe look at implementing a tournament mode.


I only spent about 40 mins sanity testing the store build this morning, everything seems OK to me, a few minor bugs here and there but nothing to worry about. I’ll save proper testing until tonight with Ant.

I then spent the rest of the morning implementing the new Avocado assets that Ant made, and fixing up the bugs I had found this morning (about 6 issues altogether).

This afternoon I might toy with getting Tournament/Cup mode added to the game.

Time for lunch!




A few more bug fixes done, along with some admin work – I had to update the issues list in our backlog (we use Gitlab) to reflect the current state of play, as well as add some more tasks and bugs to the to-do list.

Off to do the school run.




Been implementing a Tournament mode! Stopping for dinner


Tourney mode is going well so far, all of the menu system stuff is in, bar a few minor bugs, and using placeholder art. Next I need to implement the sequential loading of scenes dependent on the tourney chosen, a tournament scoring system, and finally some flourish / leaderboards between races/battles + final grand champion scene.

Calling it a night!

Adios amigos!

Signed by my face

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