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061 Fixing Issues with Xbox One Suspend State

Sunday 17th Mar 2019


Another Sunday morning opportunity to get some work in. I want to resolve the issues I found when returning from a Suspended state before I send our package off for optional certification.


Quite a slow morning, it’s quite fiddly making sure every possible circumstance is accounted for.

Stopping for some lunch


Back in the office.


Been fixing, tweaking, building, testing, crying (repeat) all day. But making little bits of progress all the while to be honest, it’s just such a long process, and there are so many fiddly nuances to account for.

Stopping for some food.


Back in the office


Running off the final build for testing, and I think I’m really close now to having a solution for every possible scenario (i.e. returning to the game from a suspended state with; the same user, a different user, the same user on a different controller, no user, all of the above whilst at the main menu, during gameplay, when another warning is present, etc etc etc). Also tightening up some of the other scenarios that can cause issues.

I’ll give it all a test either later tonight or in the morning, and then start getting our actual submission for optional cert ready to push (quite possibly the 3rd or 4th time I've said that this week.....)

Adios amigos!

Signed by my face





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