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060 Creating a Package for Xbox One Cert

Friday 15th Mar 2019


In the office, feeling pretty crappy this morning with a pounding headache. I’m going to be focusing entirely on figuring out how to make an Xbox Package suitable for Certification, and the process behind a Certification submission today.


By golly I think I’ve got it! I have successfully created a xbox package from Unity! It is a lot trickier than I thought it would be. There are a few errors and warnings popping up in the Validator tool that Microsoft provide, but I think that’s easily solvable. This is some positive progress right here!



Back in the office


Bit of a shift today…so, so close to finishing cert package!

I finally managed to crack the packaging side of things from Unity, which was quite tricky and I would have been completely lost without the help given on the Unity Forums. So by early afternoon I was comfortable with the process and I knew how to create a successfully validated package for cert. So I spent the rest of the afternoon testing the build and really making sure it was in the best possible place before actually uploading our submission.

In particular I spent quite a lot of time dealing with returning from a Suspended state now, which I hadn’t actually tested properly since implementing things like Connected Storage, User Stats and Rich Presence. There were quite a few things to solve there, and I still haven’t quite finished doing that yet, but I’m close! I’m hoping to have the cert package completely finished and submitted no later than Tuesday next week.

We also have our ‘Content Complete’ due date looming on the horizon, and there are a few things I still need to plug in, and few things still to add (mostly the the UX, I want some Character Bios, Weapons info, etc on the main menus, and ideally a ‘Tournament’ mode to allow for prolonged gaming sessions).

Adios amigos!

Signed by my face

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