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059 Refining Xbox Build & Creating a Package for Cert

Thursday 14th Mar 2019


I’ve had a shower and some brekkie now it’s time to work. I’m going to spend today getting the Xbox Package together so that we can submit to Optional Certification. Alongside that, I’ll be testing the build on Xbox and fixing issues that I find.


Another positive and productive session this morning. It makes the world of difference being able to focus my concentration and keep momentum going with something. I found a bunch of issues with the Stats Sytsem, and also plugged in some more Save Data trigger points that I’d missed previously. I did some generic fine tweaking of things here and there too.

All the while I’ve been setting up our Product on the Microsoft Backend in preparation for the optional cert submission I want to make. It’s quite involved but nothing too taxing, and most of it is done now. The only thing left to do is to create the package for the product (which might be quite challenging judging by what I’ve come across on the Unity Forums, but we shall see) – and of course I want to ensure that the game is stable and free from any critical issues.

Time for lunch!




An indifferent afternoon, trying to wrap my head around the whole package creation process, whilst also trying to figure out an annoying bug that cropped up. Not much else to say really, I will continue with this in the morning.

Also - I made another GIF during all of the build process downtime....

 conveys my feelings tidying up old code in prep for this package.

Adios amigos!

Signed by my face





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