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058 Wrapping Up the Xbox Requirements

Wednesday 13th Mar 2019


In the office with my cereal and mah cawfee, ready to rock! The Xbox tasklist is in a very good place right now, so I’m in a good mood. I need to wrap up a few little bits today, do some more thorough testing, fix some bits, and then make a start on packaging it up for an Optional Certification Submission!


Spent the first half an hour sorting out a couple of tweets to try and push our A MAZE tickets giveaway some more.

A really awesome session. I had to rework the menus a bit, because of something simple (the Switch profile / active user profile clashing on screen with some stuff) which led to some improved changes too.

After that I decided I wanted to plug in some Hero Stats, as although this is no longer mandatory, I’ve read online that quite a few people enjoy having these, which is enough for me to want to do it. So far I’ve set them up on the backend and written the code that handles the system, after lunch I just (oh, hi J word) need to plug in trigger points for a) setting up the main user’s Stats on login , b) updating stats at the appropriate times, and c) incrementing the stats as and when they need to before passing them into the StatsManager update.

Time for lunch!




This afternoon has been mostly me plugging in the various Stat Update trigger points and implementing stat variables with appropriate tracking (I track Time Played, Total Races, Total Battles and Avocados Splatted). Additionally I spent time ensuring all of these stats, along with the Achievement related data that I made earlier in the week, are all being saved / loaded as you’d expect on Xbox One (plugged them into the Connected Storage system). Overall a really good session :)

Off to pickup my daughter.


Back in the office, but mainly to watch the Forest v Villa match. I will do a little bit of work on the side I’m sure (if anything, just to prove to my other half that men CAN multitask!).


Been picking away at Stats Management on Xbox One whilst watching the footy (I have nothing to say about that). Everything appears to be working now, though I’ve just done some blind coding in the hope of making things work even better, but I’ll test that in the morning. Regardless, the Stats system is pretty much done with! Which means from tomorrow onwards I can start putting together our Cert Submission Package!

Adios amigos!

Signed by my....damn I forgot to take a Picture....face





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