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057 Rich Presence & Other Xbox Requirements

Tuesday 12th Mar 2019


Back from the school run and raring to go!


Well the Rich Presence system was working by 9:45am which was awesome! I successfully subscribed to the backend system, and setup a single test to ensure it was actually working as expected which it did first time! I then went onto plug in all of the different Rich Presence strings I wanted to display (there are 20 in total). By noon all of these trigger points were plugged in, and all seem to be working well! I am considering this task complete :)

You can see the string beneath my username top left getting set (that is the Rich Presence system working)

I spent a bit of time investigating a couple of user flow bugs I’d spotted to do with returning to the game from a Constrained/Suspended state, both of which are now fixed. I have a little more destructive & explorative testing to do with the whole returning from a Constrained/Suspended state before I can consider that Xbox task to be done, so I might take a look at that this afternoon.

Time for lunch! (I was going to take the dogs out but it’s stormy weather outside)


A hell of a break this afternoon! I had lunch, then had to spend some time sorting out some Mother’s Day gifts, do the school run, and another hour into sorting out gifts! Only just getting stuck back into work now.


I took some intermittent breaks between 5:30pm and 7pm to sort out dinner for my daughter (I wasn’t hungry) and chat to the other half after her shift at work.

This evening I’ve mostly been toying with non Xbox-related tasks in all honesty. I found that the font we were using wasn’t setup to allow for special characters, which was going to cause problems for us. So I spent a while sourcing new suitable fonts, having a bit of back and forth with Ant, making some mock-ups etc etc. Luckily we both settled on the same new font straight away, so I just got cracking updating all of the fonts in the game which took a while. It also meant re-jigging some of the positions of things, and on top of that the old font was forcing all text to Title Case, which I didn’t want with this new one – so fixing up the strings and setting up both Title Case and Sentence Case text again prolonged the process.

Having said that, it’s all done now (I’m sure there are some obscure exceptions yet to discover) and I think the game looks a whole lot better for it now though, to the point where I can’t even stand the old font now!

Old font

New font

Other than that I fixed a few bugs here and there, and re-implemented some debug tools that allow currency to be added/removed at will. Overall a really good day!

Adios amigos!

Signed by my face

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