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056 Achievements Testing & Rich Presence on Xbox

Monday 11th Mar 2019


I’m up early and straight into updating the blog!


After a few intermissions for breakfast and other Dad-duties, the blog is now updated!

Taking another break to have a shower and do the school run. Once I’m back it’s time to finish setting up the new dev environment following our migration over to Microsoft’s Partner Center, so that I can test out the Achievements work I did yesterday. I also need to take a little time to reply to the Publisher we’ve been speaking with.


Back in the office.


The email was done and sent, and I posted about our Blog Update on all of our social media platforms.

I then took a bit of time out to update the good people of r/gamedev on Reddit with this post. It’s been a while since I posted an update there, so I just started typing and all of a sudden more than 1.5 hours had passed!

Anyway, back to work on the Xbox tasks!


Another pretty decent session. Achievements are working in full now in the new dev environment which is amazing! I have already spotted some bugs with it, but this is due to flaws in code logic so easily solvable. There is also a weird issue whereby the Achievement Notification Popup is not appearing on screen, however it seems this is a known bug on Microsoft’s side and nothing I can do about it right now. I’ve given them a shout at least to let them know about the issue I’m having.

Time for lunch! When I get back I’ll fix up the few bugs I spotted, and then move onto implementing Rich Presence text.


Back in the office after lunch, the school run and prepping a Lasagne for dinner. Time to get stuck into Xbox tasks again!


A decent session, I fixed a few issues with the Achievement trigger points and the logic behind some of the statistics that I track. Stopping for some food, but I’ll be back (I want to at least get started on Rich Presence Text).




It’s been a good session, Rich Presence text is all setup in the backend now and I’ve made a good start on plugging it into the game. This blog is suffering from the type of work I’m doing to be honest, as there’s not much I can share, nor many interesting images I can post :S

Anyway, I’ll carry on with Rich Presence text in the morning, I’m feeling pretty confident it will be dnoe by midday. Once that’s done I’m going to move onto a couple of smaller Xbox Tasks – Pinning an Activity to Home, and Streaming Install Play Markers.

Adios amigos!

Signed by my face





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