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055 Plugging in Xbox Achievements

Sunday 10th Mar 2019


I’m up early to try and get ahead with Xbox tasks on this lazy Sunday morning. I had set them up on the Microsoft backend, but turns out I have to set them up on the new Microsoft Partner Center as XDP is being deprecated. Fun times.

Once I've done that I need to actually start tracking statistics in game, and add trigger points to update the status of Xbox Achievements / query whether they have been achieved yet in relation to them.


Awesome and productive day! Everything is plugged in and setup to run! I can’t test it all just yet as I’m still to reconfigure our dev environment via with the new Partner Center settings, but in theory everything looks good and I'm feeling pretty chuffed!

When you're proud of something you've done but nobody is around to see it....

FYI - you only get a brief blog entry on a Sunday morning, them's be the rules!

Adios amigos!

Signed by my face

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