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054 Xbox Achievements & Social Media Contest

Friday 8th Mar 2019


I’m finally happy to change the title of my blog entry! User Management is officially done, there are just a couple of bugs to fix (and likely more once we start destructive testing).

I am now moving onto plugging in Xbox Achievements, and also setting up a contest on social media to giveaway 2 Tickets to A MAZE. Berlin for free!


So bummed. The Publisher we were talking to, and were actually quite close to partnering with, has fallen through. Absolutely gutted right now.

Anyway, our social media contest is live now, if you stumble across it via this blog post you can enter up to four times via:

Xbox User Management is now officially done, bugs and all. I also had to fix the PC version of the game as it had become unstable, and finally fixed a bug / poor code with time trial trophies on the menu.

Taking a late lunch today.


Back in the office.


Well it’s been a pretty disheartening day for lots of different reasons, but I am happy to say that load/save data is working in full. I also managed to finish designing our Achievements, and setting them up in the Xbox Live Configuration dashboard. Achievements are also working on Xbox too which is a great start (I had actually figured this out mid-2018 but had a) forgotten about it and b) half expected it to not work any longer).

So now I just (gotta love the ‘J’ word) need to plug in all of the various trigger points in the game related to each achievement, as well as track certain things (i.e. Use X amount of a certain weapon to unlock an achievement). I reckon that could take a day or two to setup and test. I might even try to get ahead of the game with it this weekend, we shall see.

Adios amigos!

Signed by my face

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