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053 Xbox User Management part 4

Thursday 7th Mar 2019


Morning! I am in the office, but only for a little while before I need to pop out, so I’m setting up some new banners for our various social media platforms, and quickly testing the latest build for User Management on the Xbox.


By golly I think I’ve cracked it! I tested, found one final stumbling block, fixed it and now all is rosy and working! At least – for the critical user flow issue I was trying to resolve yesterday. I just need to fix the few edge cases when dealing with non-active user profiles (3 others in total) and then this can be considered complete!

Heading out to pickup Ant from the garage.


Back in the office


A really good first half of the day! User Management is finished now as far as far as I'm concerned! An active profile can be set, and changed, 3 other users can join and switch their profiles, disconnection of accounts is handled – inlcuding a special scenario for when the active user disconnects, etc etc etc. I think all scenarios are covered! I just need to test it in full now, and get Ant to help with the QA side.

I need to double check what happens to game data when there is no internet connection / internet connection is lost, but AFAIK this should all be encompassed with the Connected Storage solution that Xbox provides. I'm so happy!

I also managed to update our social media platforms with the new banner artwork :)

Time for lunch!


Back in the office.


I've been spending the afternoon testing, tweaking and refining User Management whilst it's fresh in the mind. The QA embedded in my DNA just wouldn't let me leave it alone!

Off to pickup my daughter.


Back in the office after dinner and family time.


Shattered, user stuff almost done, I just have some really annoying edge case bugs to solve and tricky little null reference exceptions to fix (QA'ing the system through up quite a few critical bugs). Oh and me and Ant have been collaborating to setup a social media contest we'd like to run. Busy busy busy!

Adios amigos!

Signed by my.....dammit I forgot to take a picture

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