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052 Xbox User Management part 3

Wednesday 6th Mar 2019


In the office and ready to rock! Conscious that this is now part 3 of User Management. But through pure fear alone of this becoming a longer running saga than The Fast and The Furious, I am determined to have this completed today!


A decent start, still tinkering > testing > fixing. It is such a long winded task but making progress all the same. It's not the most exciting workflow to share in a blog sadly so not many pretty pictures or major insight.

I'm taking a long lunch today to go and see some friends for a pub lunch.


Back in the office and back to Xbox User Management!


Ugh. Summary of the last few hours:

Off to pickup my daughter. I may or may not return*

*to the office tonight


Back in the office


I only had a little time to take a look at some of the issues I've been encountering, time to stop for some dinner.


Back in the office again!


And I’m done. I got caught up sorting something out with Ant that we needed to get done for our Insomnia registration (deadline was today). I also had a tricky issue with User Management that I had been around the houses with today trying to resolve. I had been so, so close to resolving it I knew that leaving and coming back tomorrow would have made it difficult to pick up / understand where I left off, so I spent extra effort trying to solve that – which I think I now have....('think' - my word of the week).

And with that, I think (oh, hi THINK) User Management is now complete. IIRC there was some funky behaviour taking place with non-active profile users switching their accounts, but I’ll take a look at that tomorrow, and hopefully move onto Achievements. Signing out!

Adios amigos!

Signed by my face





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