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051 Xbox User Management part 2

Tuesday 5th Mar 2019


In the office after the school run and an epic pancake day breakfast!

Ant has made some changes to our Insomnia banner so I’m going to spend a little time giving feedback on that. Once that’s done it is straight back into Xbox User Management.


Making steady progress with user management, it is feeling more robust now and I think everything is fine now when it comes to joining the game. This afternoon I need to play around with user switching and user disconnects. Things take so much longer than normal development though, the platform switching, building, deploying to dev kits, testing, and repeat becomes quite the time sink.

Time for some lunch!


Back in the office


Not much to share really, I’m still plugging away at the User Management system. There are so many fiddly edge cases to account for, and the build, deploy, test, cycle is pretty laborious. I even managed to make a gif during the build > deploy downtimes that sums up my life at the minute!

Off to do the school run.


Back in the office


Making yet more progress, but not quite there, though it is feeling mighty close to completion now!

Stopping for dinner and more pancakes!!


Back in the office to finish my shift and put in a little overtime.


And I think……THINK….I’m done. Though it is getting so complicated now I don’t really know anymore. I’ve just run off a build with what I believe should be final working code, but I’m too tired to test it tonight. I’ll make testing it thoroughly a priority in the morning.

Adios amigos!

Signed by my face

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