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050 Xbox User Management & Blinking

Monday 4th Mar 2019


In the office, first things first – update the blog!


Blog done, and social posts setup ready to go! Off to do the school run.


Back in the office. Today I need to spend a little time prepping some marketing material for the upcoming events we’re attending (Insomnia, Casual Connect, Play Expo). So I’ll do that first, as well as post our blog updates on social media.


You know when you start something and wish you never did? That is how I feel. I had some leftover work in the main scene from the other day, I’d started messing around with a random blinking system and thought I’d finish it off whilst it was fresh in the mind – it has taken all morning and I’ve not even finished! It’s mostly done, I just need to roll it into the character selection prefabs that appear on the main menu, but I’m going to leave that for now.

I did do a bit of testing on Xbox One user management this morning and found some critical issues with it, so I’ll be focusing on that this afternoon.

Time for lunch!


I took a long break this afternoon as I had a cracking headache and needed to sort that out. Just getting back into the office now and carrying on with Xbox User Management.


Made a little progress and in the midst of testing things I found a critical issue with save data management, so I’ll need to look into that now too.

Stopping for tea.


Back in the office.


I love getting things working on the Xbox, but the journey that is required to reach that goal is pure unfiltered PAIN. I have been fixing up the User management system that I wrote (probably more than 6 months ago now actually) as it turns out it wasn’t very robust. I have also done quite a lot to user flow (in terms of joining the game) since then, which has required some fairly significant work to get working on Xbox too.

I have certainly made progress, it’s just such a slow process (build, deploy, test, fix, repeat….again, and again and again!).

I am at the point where I just have to solve a few minor issues now, and refine some of the usability of the profile switching, but I feel like I’m close now. I’d like to think I could certainly have this all wrapped up by tomorrow, allowing me time to move onto something else by Wednesday – probably Achievements.

Adios amigos!

Signed by my face

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