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049 Xbox One Saving & Loading Data part 3

Friday 1st Mar 2019


In the office. I need to crack this save/load game stuff today. I came so close yesterday, and did some reading last night – I think I know what the final hurdle is now and have a good feeling that I will solve it today.

First things first – I have another email from a Publisher we’re speaking with that I need to reply to, and have to pull together some balancing numbers to provide them with.


This morning has been really positive and I’m thankfully now on the cusp of being completely finished with save/load game data management! The only thing left to do is to test the system in full and try to break it (this will mostly involve user switching, change of users, system suspension, that kind of stuff) – which will likely throw up some issues with my User Management system too. But I’ve broken the back of it now and feeling really good.

Stopping for some lunch now, this afternoon I will test the save/load game system and tighten up my User Management.


Back in the office.


I didn’t quite get as much destructive testing done as I would have liked, as I had a few fiddly issues to resolve. I was spending quite a lot of time fixing things as I was testing them to get the system working as well as I could. But I'm glad to say that everything seems to be working now! I can save data to connected storage, retrieve it, and wipe it!

It’s been a really productive afternoon. I feel happy enough to move onto something else now and mark this save game data system as ready for testing.

Calling it a day, and stopping for dinner!

Adios amigos!

Signed by my face

Trying to mimic my t-shirt





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